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Nurturing healthy little smiles

At our practice, dental care for kids becomes an enjoyable adventure! Our kid-friendly visits aim to provide positive experiences, nurturing lifelong oral health.

With a focus on reducing dental anxiety in children, our gentle and caring team ensures each visit is filled with fun and excitement. Through interactive dialogue and preventive treatments, our Albuquerque children’s dentists empower kids to develop healthy oral hygiene habits and cavity-free smiles.

Helping kids feel comfortable at the dentist
Happy teeth, happy smiles

As your family’s partner in oral health, we want to be a place (and an experience) your little one looks forward to! Parents often remark on our ability to help their children feel right at home. And your child will love our fun play area!

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends little ones have their first dental exam by age one. These early visits are simply to establish a baseline and help your baby get comfortable with going to the dentist.

See ya later, cavities! We believe preventing problems is always better than treating them. We’ll work with you to create a personalized plan to maintain oral health. Our approach is always tailored to your child’s oral health, needs, and lifestyle.

  • Parent Education
  • Dental Cleanings
  • White Fillings
  • Dental Crowns

We understand how difficult it can be to wrangle everyone to the dentist. We’re dedicated to families and want to make things simple. We can combine orthodontic and cleaning appointments together!

  • Early Intervention Orthodontics
  • Braces
  • Clear Braces

  • Dental Sealants
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Custom Sports Mouthguards

Experience 5-Star Care

“This husband and wife team graduated at the top of their class from a great dental school. They recently moved to a new, modern office with all new equipment. My family has been with them for over 5 years. We appreciate their consistently high-quality care.”

— Mike W.

“I have been coming to Dr. Chris and Stephanie Padilla for the last four years. Every time I have to make an appointment for myself or my boys I know we’ll be in the best hands! If you need a cleaning, filling, or an orthodontist appointment, please know when choosing them you’ve made the right decision. They are very knowledgeable, professional.”

— Monique M.

“I have been going to Dr. Padilla for years and he is fantastic. Always provides what you need and gives his professional opinion for treatment if needed. Their new facility is modern and amazing. Highly recommended!”

— Shane B.

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How can I prepare my child for their dental visit?

Ensuring your child feels at ease before their dental visit is key for a positive experience. Share positive thoughts about the visit, utilizing resources like books and videos. Bring their favorite toy to the consultation and reassure them that you'll be by their side every step of the way.

Are parents allowed in the exam room during the visit?

Yes! We encourage parental involvement in the exam room to ensure a comfortable and reassuring experience for both you and your child.

How can I encourage good oral health for my child?

Good oral hygiene starts with regular brushing and flossing. Teach your children to brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and to floss daily. Encourage a balanced diet and limit sugary snacks and drinks to help prevent cavities.

How often does my child need to see the dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children see the dentist at least twice a year. This is also the recommendation for adults. With regular dental visits, our Albuquerque children's dentists can help your child avoid cavities, dental pain, and future oral health issues.

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We don’t let financial worries keep families from receiving the high-quality care they need — we make it as easy as possible and are here to help.

  • We accept most dental insurance
  • Financing is available through CareCredit
  • Our patient care coordinator outlines your estimated investment
  • We’re ready to answer your questions and concerns

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