Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)

We offer nitrous sedation*, which is commonly known as “laughing gas”.

  • Nitrous oxide assists patients in dealing with anxieties that are related to receiving dental treatment. 
  • Nitrous oxide has been used for many years in the field of dentistry and has proven to be a safe method of managing dental anxieties. 
  • Nitrous oxide can be used for both adults and children. 
  • There are some contraindications to using nitrous oxide, such as COPD, pregnancy, ear infections, etc. Therefore, it is important to provide us with your detailed medical history.

Please ask Drs. Christopher Padilla or Stephanie Padilla if nitrous sedation is right for you or your child. 

*Avoid eating at least 2 hours prior to the dental appointment, if receiving nitrous oxide and/or oral sedation.