“Dr. Padilla is, without question, the kindest, most thorough, most effective dentist I have ever encountered. He discusses every step of the process with you, he is constantly aware of how you are feeling and what you might need, and his work is superior to all other dental work I’ve seen. He has given me 6 veneers on my front teeth, several other crowns and fillings, and has always been willing to work through each step of the process with me. His office staff is informed and eager to help. 

Believe it or not–it’s ENJOYABLE to go to the dentist. I know I will get taken care of, I never fear I will leave without an answer, and I feel comfortable calling them any time I have a question.”

-A D. Yelp review

“Came here for standard dental work. Was met with a high degree of professionalism and care from all the staff. Dr. Padilla is highly skilled, meticulous and caring. I am a health care professional myself and found out about this place from an oral surgeon.”

-Peter H. M.D. Yelp review

“Dr. Padilla is the best dentist my teens have had! He is warm and considerate and puts everyone at ease. He calls the next day to follow up on dental work done and just to “check up’ on my kiddos. Absolutely great with me and my teens…I highly recommend him. He’s very fluent in Spanish as well. After much searching for a dentist who is caring, we found him and plan on staying with his office for a long time. :)”

-Google user review


“Absolutely the best dentist I have ever been to. I have ONLY GOOD things to say about my experiences at Dr. Padilla’s office. There is nothing to be afraid of in his office because he discusses everything first, asks what you want to do, and tells you what to expect. During procedures, he is kind, and constantly checks on how you’re feeling. He has done veneers on my front 6 teeth (upper) and I seriously have a movie star smile. He was as excited as I was that my smile was improving so drastically. He has also done several other crowns and fillings for me and I can honestly tell you that I ENJOY GOING TO THE DENTIST. He and his staff make sure patients feel relaxed and comfortable. We even have a bit of fun! He calls to check on me after procedures and gives me every opportunity to get my questions answered. I have awful teeth (obviously, since I’ve had so much work done) and I have never been made to feel embarrassed, but at the same time, he has given me advice on how to improve my dental hygiene. His office staff goes over pricing and insurance, answers all your questions, and informs you about everything. There will not be a surprise when you go to pay.”

-Google user review

“I agree! Dr. Padilla is one of the best dentists I have ever been too. He’s very kind, and he doesn’t try to up-sell. It’s sad that so many dentists do that now days. But you can actually relax, and not feel like they’re trying to take advantage of you. Very good experience.”

-Google user review

“Dr. Chris Padilla is an excellent dental provider. He went the extra mile to diagnose and treat an endodontic concern that previous dentists hadn’t detected. When insurance misdiagnosed the problem and initially denied to cover a procedure, Dr. Chris professionally corrected the insurance’s assessment, resulting in coverage. Dr. Chris did not cease treatment until we were both satisfied with the results, making sure the experience was cost-effective and done right. I highly recommend Dr. Chris and his wife Stephanie to anyone looking for dental providers who practice with both excellence and integrity.”

-Google user review